Shaykhunaa, also advised us
that we must learn and understand At-Tawheed. We must know who our Lord is. We must learn and study this. We must teach and call others to this.
Shaykhunaa, hafidhahullahu ta’aalaa later advised us to work together sincerely upon At-Tahweed. He said that we must fear Allah, and that we must not differ. Our Aqeedah (belief/creed) is one and we must not separate. He said that we must work together upon Al-Haqq (the truth) and not upon Al-Baatil (falsehood). He said once again we must fear Allah.
This was just some of what shaykhunaa, hafidhahullahu ta’aalaa advised us with. Baaraka Allah feehi wa feekum (may Allah bless him and you all).
Jazaahu Allahu khayran wa kullanaa (may Allah reward him and all of us with good). Oh Allah, we ask that you give us good in this Dunyaa (this present and temporary life) and good in Al-Aakhirah (the next and everlasting life) and to safeguard us from hell-fire.